mkey generator

3DS / Wii U / Switch parental controls master key generator.
This supports the new master key algorithm currently in use since 3DS 7.2.0-X and Wii U 5.0.0.


mkey2 RE and impl by Dazzozo
SALT greetz: WulfyStylez and shinyquagsire23
parentool by neimod, for the old key algorithm



This tool generates the "master key" (unlock code) for 3DS, Wii U and Switch parental controls.
Usually, one would have to contact Nintendo for this and explain the case, or have it emailed to the account holder on file.
The main advantage of this tool is that it supports the current algorithm (10 character inquiry number).

To use this, all that is required is system date and the inquiry number displayed on the device.
The "new" algorithm is selected by entering an inquiry number of 10 digits in length. The "old" algorithm is selected by entering 8 digits.
You can enter the inquiry number with or without the space.

What does this support?

The current list is: Known missing keys are: It is unlikely for there to be any missing keys beyond these, for now (no apparent missing slots beyond these).

Source code?

You can get the code for the backend here.